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$BKN Utility Token,
fueling Brickken’s dApp

$BKN is a utility token, for the future of funding and investing, giving everyone a fair chance to participate in tokenizing the world.

Tokenizing the world

“Brick” is the main building tool in the real world, and “Token” is the main building tool in the blockchain. Brickken ($BKN) combines both worlds through Security Token Offerings.

On Q3, 2022, Brickken will be launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) to offer to the public the $BKN Utility Tokens, the fuel of its decentralized platform (dApp).

Brickken is a decentralized token issuance platform that allows companies, in the different sectors, to create, issue, and manage their Security Token Offerings.

On August 2021, Brickken’s whitepaper went live. Sign up below to receive our whitepaper.