Carlos Otermin

Carlos Otermin - Understanding the world under a decentralized vision

Carlos is a leader in the E-commerce and Fintech verticals, with strategic mindset & operational experience, he has moved from the consulting sector (PwC, Accenture) in Europe and LATAM, to being the COO of Lazada Group (Alibaba). He is passionate about technology and progress leading him to be very close to the startup ecosystem, and recently to the blockchain world.

He is a current guru of Brickken, where he brings his knowledge in marketing, sales and gamification, and is one of the great passionates of the Metarex project, where Brickken is part of a group of companies that have tokenized a Tyrannosaurus rex, under a business model of NFTs.

We leave you below with an interview we have done with Carlos.

Your career path is quite unusual. You jumped into big 4 consultancy (KPMG, Accenture) after finishing your studies and shifted to tech rather quickly. This has long been considered a safe career path. What pushed you to make the move?

I had always wanted to work in tech, but back then there were very few companies in the ecosystem in Europe and Spain, I enjoyed my consulting projects but very quickly realized the opportunity to disrupt existing industries and the role tech companies could play elevating customer and seller experience. I decided to move to Asia as I noticed they were already leading the way across several technologies and innovation was rapidly accelerating here

When did you first start getting interested in blockchain? 

I started to follow blockchain around 2016 as there was a big community in Southeast Asia and saw the first ICOs in the region, working in a region with a large unbanked population and extremely high transaction costs and I am convinced that blockchain solves most of these problems and we are already seeing mass adoption thanks to different verticals and technologies, play to earn is becoming especially important in the region

How do you think your career and background connect with blockchain and DeFi?

I believe there is a very strong connection between ecommerce, consumer apps and DEFI as they share similar thinking and backend approach, at the same time I have been involved in the fintech industry, launching our own wallet and lending products and have seen how blockchain simplifies some of these processes or reduces the barriers to entry

What do you like about Brickken and how do you think you can help the company?

I love Brickken’s vision of tokenizing the world, taking it easy for investors to access new opportunities and for businesses to access thousands of investors and get liquidity. I will help the Brickken identifying more companies in this region and running online marketing and commercial campaigns, working closely to target investors and fast track growth

Where do you see the blockchain industry in the next 10 years? 

l think Blockchain will completely transform the way we interact, communicate, buy, and sell. I am convinced that Web 3 an NFTs will change how people engage and monetize their content or distribute their rights. There is no doubt that the balance of power is changing due to decentralization and more people will want to own and monetize every interaction they have with companies

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self, if you could travel back in time?

To try more things and spend time coding, not just working on product management but actually developing more projects from scratch

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