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Are Security Token Offerings Legal?

Yes they are, and they must be compliant per the laws of the country where they are issued. Brickken studies the legality of each project before making an issuance. For example, in Spain, all Security Token Offerings, must have a whitepaper issued by an official Financial Advice Company, and registered before the Spanish National Stock Market Commission. Legality will always come first for Brickken.

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Where are my tokens stored?

Brickken creates a private wallet for each of its users. During the account creation, the user creates its own private key associated to its password, and in no form or manner Brickken has access to this private key. In case the user loses its private key, the account may be recovered through the seed phrase which the user must safeguard at all times. If the user has also lost its [...]

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How to sell the tokens?

Each investor will have the possibility at any time to sell the tokens he holds in accordance with the whitepaper provided for each project. You can also sell your tokens inside the platform of Brickken, or if you have taken out your tokens of the platform in a secondary market in a blockchain.

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Can a company invest?

Yes, it must provide different documents: identity document of the managing director or the person with enough Powers of Attorney, financial documents, as well as the identification documents of the partners holding more than 10% of the company. Contact us for more information at hello@brickken.com.

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Is it possible to lose more than your investment?

No. Investing is a risky activity where up to 100% of the capital invested can be lost. There are external costs outside of the scope of Brickken's services that could result in additional loses to investors, i.e. if an investor has borrowed money to invest she/he may incur additional costs.

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What is the tax for this type of income?

Each investor is solely responsible of their tax treatment and responsible to ensure she/he complies with the tax laws of her/his country. Brickken will not be liable and will be held harmless by the investor for issues arising from an investors tax responsibility.

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What are my risks when investing?

The goal of the Brickken team is to bring you great investment opportunities. However, all investments carry risks. The list below shows typical risks you assume as an investor. The list is not exhaustive and other risks may arise. Each investment opportunity will have a white paper associated that will cover the opportunity’s associated risks. Please make sure you read each white paper carefully. Typical investment risks: DEFAULT RISK: an [...]

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