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Blockchain Unleashing the Potential of Art

Guide for investing in art Today, many long-term investors try to diversify by investing in different types of assets. For example, some prefer to invest in exotic jewelry and coins, while others put their money in collectible wines. Works of art are among the types of investment assets that are growing increasingly in popularity. Truly, a good piece of art not only has the power to beautify your home, [...]

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Guide to Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Guide to Beginners Surely you are wondering: how can I invest in real estate to generate profits? In other words, when you invest in real estate you are making your money start working for you to obtain income in the future, that is, you begin to generate passive income. Of course, the yield that you obtain from each investment should be bigger than taxes, risks and other types of expenses that must assume as owner of [...]

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