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What is a whitepaper?

What is a Whitepaper? A whitepaper describes what a project / ICO is about, what problem needs to be solved, what the short and long term goals are, and how they plan to achieve these goals. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum once started with a whitepaper. In fact, the whitepaper phenomenon has been commonplace in the technology and business worlds for many decades. Therefore, the whitepaper is the document you should [...]

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51 Crypto Terms You Must Know

51 Crypto Terms You Must Know ! If you're just new to the crypto world, all those loose crypto terms can be very intimidating. To get you started, we've listed the most common crypto terms for you below. If there are any terms you're missing, please let us know! 51% attack A 51% attack represents the situation where more than half of the computing power within a given blockchain [...]

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Choosing Sustainability: All About Green Cryptocurrency

Choosing Sustainability: All About Green CryptocurrencyThe rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has disrupted plenty of industries and day-to-day processes, including our means of purchasing goods and services. Cryptocurrencies, in particular, are popular because they are unregulated, meaning they are beyond the control of any government body. This is made possible by blockchain technology, which manages and records transactions and ensures security of users.However, cryptocurrency mining consumes immense amounts of energy, [...]

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Cryptocurrency: The New Digital Money

Cryptocurrency: The New Digital Money Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used as an alternative to the money we are used to. Cryptocurrencies are not an isolated invention. It stems from a radical innovation by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin. It was not his intention at all to create a new currency. He wanted to develop a peer-to-peer electronic cash system where double spending of the same money is impossible. A [...]

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Smart Contracts Explained

Smart Contracts Explained Smart contracts are inextricably linked to blockchain (read this post to learn about blockchain). The most obvious function for blockchain is to use it as digital money. This is also why there are so many cryptocurrencies and why Bitcoin is so popular. However, the functions are endless, and this is all because blockchain allows for the creation of smart contracts. So, what exactly are smart contracts? [...]

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Blockchain: a Comprehensive Explanation

Blockchain: a Comprenhensive Explanation Blockchain: it has been called the most revolutionary technology since the Internet. It has the potential to drastically change our daily lives. It has the potential to turn the status quo completely upside down and replace all intermediaries and agencies. The only drawback? Nobody really understands it yet. Fortunately, after reading this post you will be able to explain to everyone in simple language what [...]

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Spanish Circular X/2021 (Publicity and Crypto Assets)

Spanish Circular X/2021 (Publicity and Crypto Assets) Just three months after Spanish Royal Decree-Law 5/2021 on extraordinary measures to support business solvency in response to the Covid-19 pandemic granted the Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission powers to supervise and evaluate the authorization of crypto asset advertising, it is at this time when the Circular X / 2021 project is submitted to public consultation in order to "develop the rules, [...]

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How to invest in a startup

How to invest in a startup Offering the precise definition of a start-up can be a challenge... When talking about a "start-up" one may be referring to: An established company that creates a new product or service under conditions of uncertainty (no guarantee of success). Or a new company that seeks to solve a problem or satisfy a need through a non-guaranteed solution. Regardless of how a start-up is [...]

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Cryptocurrencies everywhere, should you invest?

Cryptocurrencies everywhere, should you invest? If I had told my friends and family a while back that they should have a portion of their investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies they would have declared me for crazy.  Even more so, if they knew that I had invested a substantial part of my portfolio in several of these digital currencies. Well the fact is that a type of virtual currency secured by [...]

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