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Real Estate and Tokenization

The real estate industry is ready for tokenizationOne of the industries where tokenization will soon change the rules of the game is in the real estate industry. By using blockchain, it is possible to tokenize houses, apartments, properties and represent them on blockchain.This will shake up the real estate market and inevitably change the traditional way of doing things. Blockchain has great potential, as it builds trust and helps shape [...]

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Guide to Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Guide to Beginners Surely you are wondering: how can I invest in real estate to generate profits? In other words, when you invest in real estate you are making your money start working for you to obtain income in the future, that is, you begin to generate passive income. Of course, the yield that you obtain from each investment should be bigger than taxes, risks and other types of expenses that must assume as owner of [...]

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Security Token Offering

Security Token OfferingNowadays, it is becoming common to hear about digitizing assets, issuing tokens representing parts of a property, or simply tokenization. So, what exactly are they all talking about? This post analyzes such question, and the first step is to define what is a Security Token Offering (STO).Similar in concept to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company issues shares to be distributed among shareholders, each representing an [...]

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