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Security Token Offering

Security Token OfferingNowadays, it is becoming common to hear about digitizing assets, issuing tokens representing parts of a property, or simply tokenization. So, what exactly are they all talking about? This post analyzes such question, and the first step is to define what is a Security Token Offering (STO).Similar in concept to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company issues shares to be distributed among shareholders, each representing an [...]

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The token, the fuel of blockchain

The token, the fuel of blockchain In previous posts, we have discussed what Security Token Offerings (STOs) are. We established what are their benefits and challenges, and why we are calling Brickken the new era of investment. Today, we are going to explore the concept of tokens and how it plays a role in blockchain, the engine running under the hood of Brickken. Back in 2013, the Initial Coin [...]

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The new era of investment

The new era of investment Brickken is born from the idea that it is legal to issue securities tokens offerings (STO), and they are a new form of investment. If you are not familiar with what is an STO, we highly recommend you to read this post. Security token offerings enhances liquidity in markets by attracting new capital, as new investors can now entry markets by lowering the ticket [...]

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