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Raising Public Capital has never been Smarter with tokens

Offer high market returns for investors.
Fund and manage your company’s growth.
Issue business-backed security tokens.
Take your first step into the Web3 world.

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What are Security Tokens

Real World Assets

While an NFT can’t be broken up and a Utility Token (coin) is not backed by any asset ownership, Security Tokens are capable of doing both; opening up access for many, while providing a real foundation.

Offering an Equity Allocation, Debt, or Revenue-Share, Security Tokens entitle holders to tangibility and real-business participation, making them the most secure form of digital assets.

Real World Assets

Costs Optimization

Minimize costs and harness business wealth. Security Tokens provide a way to share the wealth.

Propelling Business Growth

Reduce expenses and utilize business wealth effectively. Security Tokens offer a means of distributing wealth.

Increased Liquidity

Expand the investor base and open up new trading opportunities.

Enhanced Transparency

Real-time updates and full transparency, equipping investors with the necessary information.

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The Gateway to Web3

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Create your Token

Create and deploy your
Token within a few clicks.

Sell your Token

No-code token sales
store builder.

Manage your Token

Tools and integrations to manage your token.

Partners Market

A marketplace of experienced professionals in the token ecosystem providing services to assist you in building your token’s legal and financial frameworks, marketing your token for a successful fundraise, and more.

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The BKN Token

The token of the future for funding and investing.  An ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network with the address:

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