Upgrade Your Digital Assets: From Utility to Equity

Step into the future with Brickken's innovative platform, where we convert your utility tokens into equity tokens. Experience the next level of token holder engagement and unlock the full potential of your digital assets with our streamlined, secure, and compliant tokenization process.

Amplify Engagement: Bringing Real-World Asset Utility to Your Tokens

Brickken in Numbers

Total Tokenized Value (TTL)

+$200 M USD

Total Value Locked (TVL)  

+$10 M USD



Simple Steps to Tokenize


Get started by simply entering your information. Our process is fast, secure, and tailored just for you.

Digital Asset Creation

Effortlessly create your digital assets. Set terms, detail your investment, and brand it your way for maximum appeal.

Attract Investors

Open the doors to investors. Highlight what makes your asset special, and start building interest.

Investment Management

Keep track of investor engagement, automate profit sharing, and manage your digital asset with total transparency.

Transitioning Utility to Equity: Unleashing New Tokenization Advantages

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Capital Evolution with Equity Tokens

Leverage Brickken’s Token Suite to elevate your capital strategy, transitioning from utility to equity tokens for more robust investment engagement.

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Enabling International Reach

Our Token Suite facilitates the shift to equity tokens, easing the path for cross-border investment and compliance, opening up worldwide growth opportunities.

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Optimizing Asset Utility

Transform your asset management by leveraging equity tokens for clearer ownership structures, improved stakeholder relations, and operational efficiency.

Sectors Ready for Tokenization

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Food & Beverage Franchises

Make investor entry easier, aiding quick expansion for restaurants and cafes.

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Retail Stores

Streamline supply chain and ownership, easing management across multiple locations.

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Health & Fitness Centers

Simplify customer management, enhance operational efficiency, and attract investment for new gym locations.

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Education & Tutoring Services

Simplify center management, facilitate investment opportunities, and aid in the rapid scaling of educational services.

Gaming Industry Evolution

Turn your gaming utility tokens into equity stakes, giving players and investors a real share in your game's success and revenue.

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DeFi Platforms

Reinvent DeFi participation by upgrading utility tokens to equity tokens, deepening user investment and aligning interests with platform growth.

Blockchain Ecosystems

Enhance blockchain ecosystems by transitioning utility tokens to equity, securing long-term engagement and investment from your user base.

Metaverse Transformation

Strategically transform Metaverse utility tokens into equity tokens, offering users and creators tangible, valuable stakes in your virtual economy.

Discover the Flexibility of Tokenization

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Equity tokenization revolutionizes fundraising by digitizing ownership rights. It's a process where traditional shares or equity in your company are represented as digital tokens on the blockchain. This allows you to unlock liquidity, democratize investment opportunities, and streamline investor relations.

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Debt tokenization is reshaping the way businesses and individuals borrow and lend money. This innovative method provides an opportunity to enhance liquidity, make borrowing more accessible, streamline debt management, and simplify regulatory compliance.

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Profit sharing tokenization is changing how companies distribute their gains. Through this modern approach, businesses can democratize profit distribution, enhance transparency, streamline contract management, and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.

Take the Next Step in your Tokenization

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