Contract Tokenization: SAFE, SAFT & OTC

Elevate your SAFT, SAFE, & OTC agreements into the blockchain era. With Brickken, you'll harness the power of tokenization ensuring enhanced liquidity and a wider investor reach. Our Token Suiter guarantees a secure, compliant, and transparent transformation of your agreements into digital assets.

Transforming Contracts into Digital Assets.

Brickken in Numbers

Total Tokenized Value (TTL)

+$200 M USD

Total Value Locked (TVL)  

+9 M USD



Simple Steps to Tokenize


Get started by simply entering your information. Our process is fast, secure, and tailored just for you.

Digital Asset Creation

Effortlessly create your digital assets. Set terms, detail your investment, and brand it your way for maximum appeal.

Attract Investors

Open the doors to investors. Highlight what makes your asset special, and start building interest.

Investment Management

Keep track of investor engagement, automate profit sharing, and manage your digital asset with total transparency.

Transforming Contracts into Easy-to-Trade Digital Assets with Brickken

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Simple Tokenization Process

Brickken provides the tools to turn your SAFT, SAFE and OTC contracts into digital assets, enhancing investor interest and streamlining asset management.

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Redefine Liquidity

Elevate liquidity and tradability to new heights, by transforming your contracts in digital assets and making them more accessible to investors.

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Market Access Expanded

Open up your investment contracts to a wider audience. Tokenized assets can be accessed by a global pool of investors, increasing demand and value.

Contract Evolution: Unlocking Liquidity Through Brickken

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Food & Beverage Franchises

Make investor entry easier, aiding quick expansion for restaurants and cafes.

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Retail Stores

Streamline supply chain and ownership, easing management across multiple locations.

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Health & Fitness Centers

Simplify customer management, enhance operational efficiency, and attract investment for new gym locations.

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Education & Tutoring Services

Simplify center management, facilitate investment opportunities, and aid in the rapid scaling of educational services.

Investment Flexibility

Easily adjust how much you're investing, whenever you need to. It's quick and straightforward when you tokenize with Brickken.

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Money Management

Move your funds with ease to where they have the most impact. Simple, effective money management, this is what tokenization brings to the table.

Quick Investment Cycle

Quickly experience the benefits of your investment with streamlined tokenization. It's efficient, straightforward, and tailored to your needs.

Enhanced Investor Relations

Improve communications and transparency with investors through tokenized assets, fostering trust and long-term investor relationships.

Take the Next Step in your Tokenization

Talk with an expert or register in our Token Suite to unlock the power of Web3 tokenization and revolutionize your fundraising strategy.