Brickken – The new form of Investment

Tokens are investment instruments for the formation of capital around a new venture, and Brickken is the bridge between funding needs and capital available.

As an Investor, Brickken can be your wallet, your aggregator, and your marketplace at the same time.

As a Business, Brickken can be your digital toolkit to issue assets online.

As a Financial Institution, Brickken can be your segregated account management module that provides full infrastructure for internet payments.

Don’t Miss out the new Investment era and Join Brickken!

Brickken helps you on your:



Identity & Permission



Integrations with
legacy financial systems


Decide the investments you want to participate in and start buying your tokens.

Actionable Insights

From the dashboard you can decide when to buy and to sell. Your tokens are stored in your wallet, and you can see all the information of your investments.

Trading for Everyone

All tokens are backed by an asset, so you do not have to worry about volatility. Plus, you can buy tokens from other owners, and sell to anybody.

Technical Support

We have a 24/7 customer support channel.
You’ll never have to solve your problems alone, we’ll be with you all the time.

How it works?

In a few steps you can become a coinvestor or co-owner of different assets.

Hurry up .. Our Early Access Waitlist is limited!