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Boost Your Earnings: Become a Brickken’s Affiliate

Ready to earn while promoting innovation? Become a Brickken Affiliate and connect clients with our cutting-edge tokenization solutions, while enjoying attractive rewards.

Grow with Us: Your Network, Our Innovation, Limitless Opportunities.

Brickken in Numbers

Total Tokenized Value (TTL)

+$200 M USD

Total Value Locked (TVL)  

+9 M USD



Why Join our Affiliate Program?

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Innovative Funding Opportunities

Partner with us to provide companies with innovative tokenization solutions, enabling them to access new funding streams.

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Industry Recognition & Credibility

Associate your brand with the leading tokenization platform, boosting your industry credibility and expanding your network.

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Attractive Rewards Structure

Enjoy competitive commissions and bonuses for every successful referral, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become a Brickken Affiliate

Fill out the Application Form

Follow the instructions in the Email

Get onboarded by Brickken's Team

Share & Earn Commissions

Who Should Join?

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Customized Advice

Receive tailored recommendations based on your unique fundraising goals and challenges.

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Seasoned Professionals

Gain insights from industry experts with extensive experience in web3 tokenization.

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Simplified Language

We break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms for a jargon-free consultation.

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Successful Approaches

Benefit from proven models that have helped businesses achieve fundraising success in the digital economy.

VCs & Investors

Expand your portfolio and support projects in unlocking their potential through tokenization.

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Accelerators & Incubators

Empower your startups with cutting-edge funding solutions, fostering growth and providing them with a competitive edge.

Industry Influencers

Leverage your network to connect projects with transformative funding methods, solidifying your role as an industry thought leader.

Business Consultants

Enhance your service offerings by introducing tokenization as a strategic tool for fundraising.

What can be Tokenized?

Real Estate Tokenization

Property Management, Property Flipping, Land Development, Hospitality, Construction, or any other vertical.

Startups Tokenization

Software-as-a-Service, E-commerce, Technology, Health, Web3, Marketplaces, Renewable Energy, or any other vertical.

Franchise Tokenization

Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms, Supermarkets, Shops, or any other franchise you can imagine can be tokenized.

Entertainment Tokenization

Movies, Gaming, Music, Books, Events, Theater,  Sports, Performance Art, Amusement Parks, or any other vertical.

Institutional Tokenization

Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Institutions, Family Offices, Banks, Insurance, or any other vertical.

Many More

Any asset that generates value can be tokenized. If you have any doubts our experts are happy to guide you.

Our Awards

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