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Discover Brickken's Whitelabel. Your gateway to owning a customized asset tokenization platform. Leverage our Token Suite technology under your brand, offering seamless tokenization of real-world-assets (RWA) to your clients, with the ease and expertise of Brickken.

Your Brand, Our Expertise. Revolutionize Asset Tokenization.

Brickken in Numbers

Total Tokenized Value (TTL)

+$200 M USD

Total Value Locked (TVL)  

+$10 M USD



Your Platform, Your Vision: Brickken's Whitelabel

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Customize your tokenization platform to match your brand's aesthetic, guaranteeing a unique and seamless experience.

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Intuitive Asset

Effortlessly digitize assets with our straightforward platform, making tokenization accesible for any business size.

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Construct a tailored tokenization system, designed to meet your specific needs and expand with your company's growth.

Empower Your Brand with Whitelabel Tokenization

Your Assets, Your Brand

Strategically infuse your brand's unique identity into every asset tokenization process for maximum market impact.

Offer Tokenization Services

Present a full suite of tokenization services, entirely branded by you, for an exclusive market presence and client trust.

Streamlined Investor Relations

Effortlessly simplify investor communications with a fully branded portal tailored to enhance client interaction and satisfaction.

Simple Steps to Launch your Whitelabel

Set Up Your Profile:

Start by setting up your company profile on our platform to begin engaging with your clients in the tokenization journey.

Integrate Your Services

Effortlessly integrate our tokenization engine with your existing services to provide a comprehensive solution for your clients.

Attract & Manage Investors

Use our tools to attract investors to your platform and manage their activities with ease, under your brand.

Monitor & Scale

Keep track of your success with our analytics and scale your offerings as your client base grows.

Expand Your Business Horizons with our WhiteLabel

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Food & Beverage Franchises

Make investor entry easier, aiding quick expansion for restaurants and cafes.

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Retail Stores

Streamline supply chain and ownership, easing management across multiple locations.

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Health & Fitness Centers

Simplify customer management, enhance operational efficiency, and attract investment for new gym locations.

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Education & Tutoring Services

Simplify center management, facilitate investment opportunities, and aid in the rapid scaling of educational services.

Complete Control

Exercise full control over your tokenization process, from investor onboarding to asset management, all aligned with your brand's vision.

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Tailored Tracking

Implement tailored tracking to analyze and optimize your platform's performance, ensuring continuous growth and client satisfaction.

Scale with Brickken Partners

Use Brickken's Marketplace to broaden your reach. Connect with a network of partners, accessing diverse expertise to scale your tokenization offerings.

Build Your Clientele

Engage with potential investors and clients, showcasing your platform's unique value proposition to grow your user base.

Marketplace of
Service Providers

for Seamless

Gain access to Brickken’s network of top-tier professionals specializing in legal, finance, marketing, and more. Collaborate with industry experts who can guide you in your tokenization journey.

Unlock a World of Expertise with our Partners Marketplace.

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