Brickken Outreach Program

Brickken Outreach Program

Brickken Global Outreach Program

Community Involvement

At Brickken, we are committed to revolutionize the financial sector through our tokenization- and asset management protocol. A big part of this is the involvement of our Web3 community in shaping the future of our platform and companies worldwide.As our dApp begins to roll out and we transition from development to implementation, Brickken will be ready to help companies tokenize their assets, raise capital, and manage relationships directly on the platform.As a result, we are excited to announce a new official effort to raise awareness of our protocol and its benefits for both traditional- and web3 businesses.

Global Outreach Program

The Brickken Global Outreach Program is based on a recurring set of individual tasks aimed to expand the public awareness of Brickken. We are calling on all crypto enthusiasts and believers to join the Brickken Global Outreach Program for a chance to earn a lot of $BKN tokens for completing certain tasks.Example of tasks can include:# Hosting Twitter Spaces# Posting, comment & discuss on Social Media & Forums# Pitch & Advertise Brickken to stakeholders, KOL´s & Industry Actors# Community Interactions & Activity# Look for PartnershipsStructure:1. A set of tasks with instructions & individual $BKN-rewards are presented.2. Admitted members follow through on selected tasks & save the proofs3. At time of reporting, Brickken validates each task done & award the associated $BKNs.4. $BKN´s are paid out the following month.Members showing consistent initiative and drive will continue the program with opportunities of specific tasks relating to the Ambassador Program.The Program objective is to spread the word of Brickken and tokenization across different avenues in the digital arena. To raise awareness of how disruptive and certain a tokenized future is and why. To get unaware individuals just as excited about the future as the rest of our community.

Who is the Outreach program for?

This program is mainly for members who relate to the following:# You are passionate about the Brickken mission, tokenization & and we are set out to achieve# You are a digitally & web3 comfortable member actively participate across platforms, forums & communities and see yourself a good fit for the program

How to Apply

  1. Like & Retweet This Tweet
  3. Fill out this form
  5. Brickken will begin reaching out to a select few & shortly after expand the program

We welcome every applicant with a desire to contribute actively to the success of Brickken´s reach, all whilst getting compensated as our success is not only yours but the collectives success. 🤝