Introducing the Brickken Community DAO

Introducing the Brickken Community DAO

➡️ Brickken Community DAO

Since Brickken became operational in 2020, our success can be attributed to the early believers of the Brickken mantra and vision. Those who could conceptualize a tokenized future that today, 4 years later, has reached beyond mainstream media. To those who shared a conviction that Brickken will become a key player in bringing the next trillion $ on-chain. 

Now, in 2024, the future looks as bright as always. The tokenization of Real World Asset (RWA) space is growing more quickly than anyone could have foreseen, and Brickken’s ideal positioning is the consequence of 4 years of hard work.

The time has now come for the Brickkeneers to take on the responsibilities of ensuring Brickken’s positioning in the RWA Ecosystem

The team can officially announce the implementation of Snapshot 

What is Snapshot

Snapshot is a governance tool that allows for off-chain voting validated by on-chain assets. This means that $BKN Holders will be able to vote on proposals by connecting their wallet & joining the space. Since the voting occurs off-chain this process does not incur any on-chain transaction, other than a message that does not entail any gas costs. 

Learn more about Snapshot:

Brickken Community DAO 0.1

The Community DAO will be implemented in stages and the responsibilities of the DAO will grow over time alongside its autonomous influence.

In the first stage of the Community DAO, Version 0.1, the team will implement voting support strategies for:

🔹$BKN Holders on Ethereum & BSC

🔹$wBKN/$BKN Staking

🔹Public Round vested $BKN

$BKN will accumulate across strategies, so if you have X $BKN staked and Y $BKN in that same wallet, your voting power will be X+Y.

DAO 0.1 Structure:

The DAO governs key decision-making covering primarily

🔹DAO Treasury Fund

🔹Marketing Contests & Campaigns

🔹Grant Requests

🔹Community Channels & Voting Platform Decisions

All proposals will go through the team for the following reasons:

🔹Ensure Feasibility 

🔹Ensure correct proposal format

🔹Ensure a structured DAO implementation process

Proposals can be submitted by anyone from Community Members, to the internal team, to bounty requests, in Discord.

The DAO will be allocated a monthly $BKN amount from the Brickken Treasury that will be revisited as the DAO & participation evolve into the next stages.

Throughout the subsequent stages, team involvement will be limited to assisting in the implementation of DAO Proposal outcomes covering any of the decision-making categories above.

Discord - central hub for the Community DAO

Join Discord

Discord will be the central hub for anything relating to Proposals. 

Through Discord you can:

🔹Get notified about new proposals & the outcome of finished ones

🔹Submit proposals

🔹Discuss proposals currently in the voting phase or proposal ideas (Holder Role Exclusive)

Stay tuned for more information coming days...