$BKN Staking Instructions

$BKN Staking Instructions

When you choose to stake your $BKN tokens, you are playing a pivotal role in ensuring both the security and the continuous development of the Brickken Ecosystem. This act of staking not only showcases your trust in the system but also acts as a reinforcing agent that amplifies the strength and resilience of the ecosystem.

Stakers, by committing their tokens for a duration of 12 months, can anticipate a lucrative return of 15% on their holdings. This yield signifies the ecosystem's appreciation of your support and commitment.

Additionally, as a dedicated staking member of the Brickkeneers community, you become eligible for a range of benefits and utilities. While specific details and advantages remain to be unveiled, be assured that they are designed to provide even more value to the Brickkeneers.


Yearly Yield: 15%

Min. Lockup Period: No Lockup

Staking Duration: 12 Months

Duration: Perpetual

Full T&C: https://www.brickken.com/terms-staking 


  1. Go to staking.brickken.com
  2. Connect your wallet containing $BKN
  3. Switch to Ethereum Mainnet
  4. Choose the amount to stake and click “Deposit”


Example 1

John deposited 10.000 $BKN on September 1, 2023. John plans to hold long-term and is of no need for liquidity so John stakes for the entire duration of 1 year and choose to withdraw his stake on September 1, 2024. Since 1 year has passed, he can withdraw his stake plus the full yield, 11.500 $BKN

Example 2

Sara also deposited 10.000 $BKN on September 1, 2023. She plans to hold for the full duration of 1 year but is in need of liquidity 6 months after initially staking. She decides to unstake early, and will therefore withdraw 6 months after depositing:

10.000*(1+7.5%*0.33) = 10.750 $BKN

Example 3

Chris deposited 5.000 $BKN on September 1, 2023. Chris buys more $BKN on October 1, 2023, and wants to stake that as well. He stakes again using the same wallet, but will have to unstake the full amount once choosing to unstake. Of course, he can re-stake to also earn a yield on the previously earned yield.


Does staking exist on BSC?

Staking is only on Ethereum

Can I unstake my $BKN?

You can unstake whenever without incurring any penalties.

Can I stake my wBKN?

Only liquid $BKN can be staked

Do I need gas to stake my $BKN?

Yes you need $ETH to stake & unstake your $BKN

Where does the Yield allocation come from?

The Brickken Treasury

Is my Yield exponential?

It is not, unless you choose to unstake, and then restake the full amount.