Brickken Ambassador Program

Brickken Ambassador Program

With Web 2, we were building communities on platforms. With Web 3, the communities are the platforms. In Web2, communities were there in support of an idea or product, in web3 they are an integrated part of it. Not just united with it, but actively involved in the solution and contribution to it”Web 3, the new tWide Web iteration incorporating concepts of Decentralisation, Blockchain Technologies, and token-based economics.With such core concepts, it is probably not too much of a surprise that another inherent feature of Web3 projects is the emphasis on Community. That the distinctions between Company & Stakeholder are increasingly diminishing. That the success of a project is largely attributed to its ability to amass and coordinate a large community under the same vision. Where each member adapts a relative degree of responsibility and representation to the benefit of the collective.Brickken has been adopting these values since its inception. Not least of which as a core value-proposition for companies to tokenize themselves, offer its asset to the general public, and in that, create a strong community that can drive the company forward into the Web3-era.Naturally, Brickken´s future plans to convert into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) prove that these values run through every part of the Company. This mission has been further enforced as the project is advancing, realizing the value in decentralized governance and the trust held in the Community.The most apparent realization may be the collective decisions around an Exchange Launch in accordance with the initial roadmap. A stance in which the Brickken core team and Community aligned in the realization that postponing is the right path forward for the long-term prosperity of the project.

Community Involvement

Over the last months, we have started onboarding community members to perform value-adding tasks. Everything from Content Writing to Community Management and translations, these members have allowed us to work closely with the community and come together in every aspect of driving the company forward.The interest in advertised roles and responsibilities has been very high, and it’s time to take it to the next level.

Introducing the Brickken Ambassador Program

This Program allows for members to apply and contribute with their own set of skills and abilities.Through the program, Ambassadors will be able to earn BKNs on completed tasks, involve themselves more with the core team, gain marketable experience, and help expand Brickken worldwide. Regardless of the task, with the full support and needed resources provided by Brickken.However unfortunate this bear market is, we truly see this as a perfect time to build. To build the brand, ecosystem, and community that will set us up for success once the dApp launches, market improves, and we go public.So what tasks are we mainly looking for?

Host Local Meetups

With provided resources and the backing of Brickken, we look for driven and outgoing community members who want to spread the word about Tokenization by hosting local meetups. Members passionate about tokenization that want to expand their interest among fellow peers.Brickken will provide any resources or training needed to make you comfortable in hosting your own event and get attendees just as excited about what the future holds as you.This also includes attending, representing, and speaking at other local events.

Well Connected Local Promoters

Are you already deeply engaged in your local community with a relevant network of connections that may be of relevance? Connections that might be interested in tokenizing their business, becoming an expert, or marketing the brand in your jurisdiction?Maybe you want to expand the digital community in your area by taking an acting role in managing, building, and growing your local area’s involvement through either onboarding onto the Discord Channel or a specific language Telegram.

Other Skills

Maybe you possess specific design skills, editing skills, or practically any other skill you think can be of benefit in the digital or real space? Send in an application and highlight the value you can add by becoming a Brickken Ambassador.

Final Words

This program is for anyone who wants to be more involved and have something they think can benefit the ecosystem. We believe that by a combination of community effort and team development, Brickken can truly become the leading tokenization standard with its success fully attributed to the community.And such effort will be heavily rewarded.If are you interested in learning more and throwing in your application, head to the link below.