The Brickken Partners Ecosystem

The Brickken Partners Ecosystem

Brickken provides a full management solution not only to issue tokenized Real World Assets but also for asset management and issuer/investor relation. Before the stage of managing and maintaining all this, there is a process of not only creating the actual digitized asset but also various other aspects very similar to traditional Finance (TradFi). As Brickken only provides the infrastructure and tech, a solution is introduced to facilitate the transition of companies into a Web3 environment.

Introducing the Expert Ecosystem

Much like an Initial Public Offering (IPO), there are a lot of things that go into issuing an assets to the public on the blockchain. Everything from legality where one must consider jurisdictional legislation and AML procedures, to marketing and structuring the asset towards the investor persona. Furthermore, bringing your assets on chain allows for the potential implementation of new business structures and can require a specific knowledge base to fully realize.These are all skills that may not already be accessible within the workforce of the tokenizing company. The Expert Ecosystem will facilitate this by partnering up with companies and freelancers to offer a diverse variety of experts that covers every needed set of skills.These experts can vary in everything from big legal firms that sees the potential of moving their business into Tokenized assets, to freelancing individuals with expertise in company valuations, community management, or niched industries.Every expert participates in a set of workshops hosted by Brickken in order to help with this transition and to be ready as companies begin to reach out. This help in understanding the dApp, procedures relating to Brickken, and getting a fully realized view of how their skills can be applied to clients. This allows Brickken to make sure the highest quality experts can help companies in whatever way necessary for an optimal transition.There are mainly 3 big areas of Experts:


The legal aspect is arguably the most important. No company wants to take risks relating to the issuance of securities. Legal guidance may be required on an ongoing basis when it comes to KYC & AML procedures, or in the transition of changing the bylaws. Bylaws that govern the rules by which the corporation operates to bring transparency to investors. Or in drafting shareholder’s agreements that state the rights and obligations of both parties. An agreement with a legal ground that ensures that a potential investor actually owns an asset and what that ownership entails.Common for all enterprises is that local jurisdiction applies, meaning that there is value in having a local legal expert. This assumes the importance of a big ecosystem to accommodate the needs of companies worldwide.


The need for marketing experts varies heavily. Certain companies might want to use the opportunity of asset tokenization to strengthen their relationship with current customers. To specifically target its current customers to create a community that already believes in your product, whilst still owning a share that essentially could make them ambassadors. Ambassadors that expand your presence through the oh-so-powerful tool of word-of-mouth.In such a case, one may be in need of a more specific marketing effort to help in mediating the value proposition and convert current customers into dedicated investors. There a freelancing expert can be of great help.In other cases, a company wants to expand its targeted demographic, and more resources will be needed. Resources that help in reaching the correct persona, capture the attention, and correctly supply the relevant information to potential investors that have no previous connection with the enterprise. In such case, one might be in need of a bigger marketing agency that can accommodate the whole process from token creation to successful fundraising.

Financial & Advisors

Lastly, there are other aspects in which a dedicated expert may be needed. Everything from company valuation and assistance with the financial structure of the tokenized asset. Should a company issue debt or equity, and what is the benefits of choosing either or? What amount and in how many rounds should the capital ideally be raised? These are all questions similar to the traditional financial world and in every way relevant to STOs. Furthermore, you have ticket sizes, liquidity questions, distributional objectives, optimal number of Investors, and so on.There are also features specific to a Security Token. Features that may include discounts, access rights, insights, and other value-adding factors that enhance the attractiveness of the investment as an investor. Help with introduction to the Brickken platform and what value can be secured by using it. Or simply how this emerging industry differentiates itself and what knowledge may be needed before fully committing.These are all questions where it may make sense to rely on experts, also suggesting the need for a wide range of different ones.


A lot of things go into creating a legally compliant and successful Token Offering. An offering that maximizes the value for both issuer and investors and mainly makes sure the circumstance for a launch is optimal.Through an ecosystem of Experts, Brickken aims to cover all necessary variations in the expertise needed by connecting freelancers and businesses with tokenizing companies to facilitate the full movement into a native web3 era.To build a network that makes the process of tokenization more convenient by offering a simple way of retrieving the necessary skills and knowledge, whilst making sure this knowledge can be put into practice alongside Brickken´s services.Are you inspired and think you have some of the skills necessary for a business to tokenize itself? Apply Below 👇