Most valuable NFTs

Most valuable NFTs

  • With the market for so-called NFT artwork growing at lightning speed, sales records are breaking like flies.
  • A digital collage of 5,000 images by the American artist Beeple made $69 million earlier this month.
  • But works by CryptoPunk, music producer 3LAU and "the first tweet" also made millions.

The market for (digital) cryptocurrency is growing at a rapid pace. Investors and celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Paris Hilton and Taco Bell have wholeheartedly embraced it.Since so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are mostly bought and sold through transactions in crypto-currency, it is not easy to list the most expensive purchases.But Brickken, partly based on data from Nifty Gateway, a cryptocurrency auction site, has managed to identify eleven of the most expensive pieces of art.

Nyan Cat by Chris: $590,000

An NFT featuring the popular Nyan Cat meme, a true piece of Internet history, was sold in February for 300 Ethereum, or about $590,000. The sale took place at a twenty-four hour auction on the cryptocurrency platform Foundation.

THE COMPLETE MF COLLECTION by Beeple: $777,777.77

This NFT sale was unusual in that it included a physical component in addition to blockchain-based art. This collection from Beeple includes many digital artworks, but also "a signed and numbered titanium plate" and even a tuft of hair.

Hairy by Steve Aoki: $888,888.88

Earlier in September, musician Steve Aoki teamed up with Antoni Tudisco to create this very valuable NFT. On it, a furry blue and purple puppet dances to music by Aoki. The artwork was sold on March 8 on the platform Nifty Gateway.

Not Forgotten, But Gone by WhIsBe: $1 million

This 16-second clip of the spinning golden skeleton of a gummy bear sold for $1 million on Nifty Gateway. Artist WhIsBe sells multiple golden gummy bears on the platform.

Auction Winner Picks Name of SSX3LAU: $1.33 million

Electronic dance music producer 3LAU has also stepped into the NFT market and has a big sale in partnership with Slimesunday. The winner of the auction also gets to name the song played on the NFT music video.

CryptoPunk #6965: $1.54 million

This token was the third most expensive piece of CryptoPunk art when it sold on February 19. A number of other CryptoPunk tokens also broke the $1 million mark, depending on the value of the crypto tokens at the time of sale. Check out the entire list here.

First Tweet by Jack Dorsey: $2.5 million

For the first ever tweet as an NFT, $2.5 million has been bid. This certainly puts Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's tweet in the top 10. Dorsey announced earlier this month that he is donating the proceeds from the auction to charity.

CROSSROAD by Beeple: $6.66 million

On February 24, digital art platform Nifty Gateway announced on Twitter that a work by Beeple had raised $6.6 million. The NFT contains an anti-Trump message.

CryptoPunks #7804 and #3100: for $7.6 million each

These tradable pieces of CryptoPunk were sold on March 11 for 4,200 Ethereum. This makes these NFT artifacts the two most expensive tokens from CryptoPunk. Larva Labs' website describes the CryptoPunks as "unique collectibles with proof of ownership recorded in Ethereum's blockchain."

'Everydays: The First 5,000 Days' by Beeple: $69 million

The very most expensive NFT artwork to date is a work by cryptocurrency artist Beeple, which was auctioned through Christie's. It was the first NFT to be sold by the classic auction house. This gave new legitimacy to the rapidly growing crypto art market. The artwork "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" is a digital collage of 5,000 images of work by Beeple.