Brickken Partners up with DEGA

Brickken Partners up with DEGA

PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: Brickken Builds a Foundation with DEGA

DEGA brings deep expertise in the blockchain gaming ecosystem to help Brickken build the right relationships and to cross-pollinate the gaming and asset tokenization verticals.

What is DEGA?

DEGA is a Web3 game developer ecosystem of powerful protocols, developer tools, and gamification services that focus on ease of use through AI-assisted chat interfaces, familiar developer APIs, and web applications. DEGA allows creatives to focus on experiences while DEGA handles the complexities of Web3 technology infrastructure.

DEGA’s vision is to empower billions of people to project their creativity into the digital economy.  Every single day they work tirelessly to build open software tools and experiences to enable creatives to participate in the world of Web3 using the most innovative technologies available.

DEGA focuses on combining blazingly fast transaction speeds, reliability, and ease of integration to successfully launch and scale blockchain games and metaverse in minutes, not years, from a flexible and low-cost technology platform.


The partnership between DEGA and Brickken will roll out in two phases.

Firstly, the two organizations will grow their audiences and reach together, engaging in new markets and demographics by sharing resources, staff and expertise in a strategic co-marketing relationship.  As both organizations expand their reach, the second phase will take shape. In this phase, a dynamic and powerful referral program will take shape where DEGA and Brickken will identify and refer projects in their ecosystems that could benefit from the services of the other. This essentially means that the clients of DEGA will be offered introductions to the usage of Brickkens Token Suite as part of their efforts to bridge gaming between web2 & web3. In cases where fundraising is of consideration, Brickkens platform can help maximize the value of such efforts by directly targeting current customers and gaming enthusiasts. Efforts that in turn may cement a core audience, increase the speed of game adoption, valuable first-hand insights & feedback from investor/gamer and much more. 

“DEGA and Brickken both see a future where digital assets are the norm.”, said DEGA CEO Carlos Rene regarding the partnership. “We both agree that by bridging our industry verticals, we’ll make that happen much faster.”

About Brickken

Brickken is a decentralized protocol whose objective is to bring companies’ capital on-chain through the tokenization process. Their decentralized application provides the necessary tools for managing companies on-chain. From secondary market transactions to voting polls and managing company holdings, Brickken delivers all of the necessary tools for administering organizations at scale and on-chain.

Brickken’s vision is for a future of all economic agents converging in the blockchain, where B2B, B2C, B2D, D2B, D2C and D2D transactions become a reality and with Brickken acting as the prime enabler.