Public Round $BKN Claiming

Public Round $BKN Claiming


Round 1 Vesting: 0.185% linear release over 540 days

Round 2 Vesting: 20% at TGE, 80% linear release over 330 days

Supported Wallets: Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, Aurox Wallet

Wallet Support will be available shortly. Due to a migration WalletConnect V1 to WalletConnect V2, we are required to change the frontend typescript version from v4 to v5. The team is working on it, and WalletConnect should be up within 2 weeks. 

Instructions for supported wallets

  1. Go to & connect your wallet
  2. Once connected, you can see all relevant details
  3. You need BNB to make the claim every time. You can claim at the interval of your choosing as the released tokens accumulate daily. 

Can’t connect using iPhone?

Use the metamask in-app browser as Safari is not compatible with web3.


Migrate your wallet to Metamask

  1. Retrieve the seed phrase (12 or 24 words) from the whitelisted wallet

(google if you can't find where to retrieve the “seed phrase” in your particular wallet)

  1. Download metamask:
  2. Click on “Import secret recovery phrase in metamask”
  3. Paste your 12 or 24 words, set the password, and create wallet
  4. Your wallet is now used through metamask and you can claim the tokens

Trust Wallet -> Metamask

Example Video:

Example Article:


Where is my referral bonus?

It is part of the total claimable allocation depending on which round the referred participated in

If I participated in both rounds, do I have to claim twice?

Yes, since the tokens are in different contracts, you must claim in both pools at whatever interval you choose.

What wallet do I use to claim with?

If you used the automatic payment function during the Public Round, same wallet. Otherwise, the wallet submitted during the purchase.