Token Suite launching on Avalanche

Token Suite launching on Avalanche

Brickken is at the forefront of tokenizing Real World Assets (RWA), creating bridges between traditional finance and the world of digital assets. 

Our journey has seen us launch the Token Suite on Ethereum, Base, and Binance Smart Chain, significantly impacting the tokenization space.
Today, we mark another milestone by announcing our deployment on Avalanche, a Layer 1 blockchain known for its high throughput, scalability, and eco-friendly consensus mechanism.

What Makes Avalanche Special?

Avalanche stands out as a Layer 1 blockchain that provides unparalleled speed, security, and scalability. Its unique architecture supports various decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks.
This makes Avalanche an ideal platform for Brickken's next-gen tokenization efforts as well as our clients, being able to adapt to any type of business need they might have.

Why Avalanche?

The choice of Avalanche aligns with our mission to provide more accessible, efficient, and sustainable options for tokenizing assets. Its structure allows Brickken's Token Suite to access yet another scalable and cost-effective solution for our clients.

Avalanche also holds a high conviction in Real World Asset Tokenization, enabling massive synergies for clients tokenizing on a blockchain with complementary development happening on the same chain.

What’s next?

Deploying on Avalanche not only diversifies our blockchain foundation but also allows Brickken to enter an energetic and fast-growing ecosystem. This move is designed to empower our clients with more choices and flexibility for their tokenization needs, ensuring that Brickken remains at the cutting edge of digital asset innovation and RWA tokenization.

This is yet another step in becoming blockchain agnostic.


Our expansion onto Avalanche is more than just a technical deployment; it's a strategic move to embrace a blockchain that shares our vision for a more open, accessible, and sustainable world of tokenized assets. This is a step forward in our commitment to becoming blockchain agnostic, offering our clients the best platforms based on their needs and future growth expectations.