Token Suite launching on BSC

Token Suite launching on BSC

The Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization space is quickly growing. From a significant spark of interest, adoption, and discovery during 2023, a clearer picture is emerging of how digital assets are reshaping legacy financial systems and breaking new ground. 

Since the Token Suite launch in 2023, many features have been implemented to enhance the experience for tokenizers & Investors alike. From seamless UX design to new functionalities such as Automatic Dividend Distribution, KYC/AML management, and much more… 

Whilst the depth of what the Token Suite can offer, from digitization of assets to fundraising & asset management, has grown significantly, we can now announce an expansion of the Brickken Ecosystem. 

The Brickken team is happy to announce the successful integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This means that future clients will be given the optionality of tokenizing their assets through Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.

Below you can find the Deployer Contract from which all tokenizations on Binance Smart Chain will be created:

See Deployer Contract

Why Binance Smart Chain

BSC has since its launch in 2020 established itself as one of the biggest L1 Blockchains in the market. Most notably known for low transaction fees & an active developer community, many consider the BSC Ecosystem a valid alternative for new developments & applications. 

Current BSC Data (February, 2024)

TVL: $3.55B (3rd)

Protocols: 690 (2nd)

Market Cap: $45B (4th)

Why this is relevant to Clients

The choice of what chain to issue a digital asset on is as important as it is for developers to choose where to build or crypto enthusiasts to engage. Some of the variables include:

Developer Activity

Developer activity on a blockchain is a great indicator of the prospects as to the chain's relevance in the blockchain ecosystem. A high developer activity indicates that progress is made, new dApps are being built, and that the blockchain constructions appear favorable to continue developments.

Future Prospects & Chain Objectives

Different chains have different convictions and future objectives. Some chains are also focusing on certain attributes or features of blockchain-based technologies. These can include a direct focus on Transaction fees & speed, security, and decentralization, or simply a specific industry application. A Digital Asset Issuer needs to take into account what the general thesis of that chain and community is to evaluate whether it aligns with the objectives of the issuer. 

For example:

🔹 Token Issuers looking to raise capital from a large audience may value low transaction fees and the general size of the Ecosystem concerning users or active addresses.

 🔹 Asset Managers may be looking at the interoperability of other #DEFI Applications & Security so that they can create financial products using their Real World Assets. 

Other Ecosystem Protocols

A main feature of blockchains is the native composability of everything built on top. If you deploy an ERC20 token, you already have an infrastructure set in place to interact with other applications supporting that standard. What chain you choose may very well depend on other applications and how they can enhance the reasoning or value behind your tokenization. 


The Token Suite expansion to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) marks the first step in becoming blockchain agnostic. The reasons to tokenize Real World Assets (RWAs) are as abundant as the available number of chains, putting further emphasis on allowing Tokenization Clients a wide range of optionality to fit their needs and convictions.