Tokenized Openteca - Research Report

Tokenized Openteca - Research Report

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Executive Summary

Openteca, a disruptive force in the Spanish mortgage sector, introduces an innovative online platform that streamlines and personalizes the mortgage acquisition process. With a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and user-centricity, Openteca offers a unique and free service to clients while generating revenue through bank commissions. This report delves into the company's mission, operational model, technological prowess, and growth strategies.

Company Overview

Background and Mission

Openteca, founded by a team of technology and finance experts, addresses challenges in the traditional mortgage market by simplifying the mortgage procurement process in Spain. The mission is clear: to facilitate the best possible mortgage tailored to each client's profile and preferences.

Operational Approach

Openteca's three-step process, involving housing and mortgage information, automated document retrieval, and bank statement acquisition, enables users to receive personalized mortgage offers within 24 hours. Advanced technologies, including AI and open banking, enhance the speed and accuracy of the process.

Tokenization Process

Openteca has partnered with Brickken to tokenize its equity. This strategic move aims to leverage the benefits of tokenization, providing increased liquidity, transparency, and accessibility to potential investors.

Business Model and Monetization Strategy

Openteca operates on a customer-centric business model, offering free services to clients while generating revenue through commissions from partner banks. The company also provides additional services such as appraisal management and savings plans.

Market and Opportunity

Target Audience

Openteca's current focus is on individuals in Spain seeking mortgage financing. However, future plans include expanding to other European markets, presenting a significant growth opportunity.

Competitive Advantage

Openteca stands out in the market due to its emphasis on speed, personalization, and a customer-centric approach, enabled by cutting-edge technology. The platform aims to capture a substantial market share by the end of the year.

Technology and Expertise

Technological Infrastructure

Openteca's technological infrastructure combines low-code development, open banking, sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and AI, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and innovation.

Expert Team

The company boasts a team of professionals with diverse expertise in technology, finance, and the mortgage sector, positioning Openteca uniquely to lead in the market.

Client Interaction and Support

Openteca simplifies the mortgage process, offering a quick, transparent, and personalized experience. Clients can receive personalized offers, resolve queries with expert mortgage advisors, and access free advice sessions to make informed decisions.

Funding and Growth Plans

Openteca aims to secure funding to accelerate market penetration in Spain and facilitate international expansion. With ambitious growth plans, including brand building and strategic alliances, the company targets a substantial market share in the Spanish mortgage sector.


Investing in Openteca represents a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative solution in the mortgage market with substantial growth potential. The company's commitment to transparency, efficiency, and user satisfaction positions it as a disruptor in the evolving landscape of mortgage acquisition.

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