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A tokenization solution offered by Brick Token, S.L., an entity with its registered office in Llacuna Street #162, 308 (Barcelona), 08018. Brick Token, S.L. is a limited company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Spain, with Spanish VAT number B67557603.

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Our Mission

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Brickken aims to enable asset owners worldwide to embrace a decentralized fundraising approach by leveraging blockchain technology, offering individuals the opportunity to generate passive income. Our goal is to equip companies with the necessary tools to tokenize assets on a global scale, and enter the token economy.

Our Vision

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We aim to standardize the process by which asset tokenization and tokenization services across the globe are executed and facilitate tokenization through Brickken’s decentralized application (dApp). We believe in a decentralized and tokenized world.

Our Values

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Our services provide reporting and auditing tools while ensuring the protection of information and ownership privacy.


We established a KYB (Know-Your-Business) process to ensure that businesses can’t issue security tokens.


We provide a governance structure that allows curation and protects the tokenized assets.


We prioritize legal and technological excellence to ensure compliant tokenized assets.