Tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWA): Enhance Liquidity with Brickken's Suite

Create Digital Assets and Tokenize Real-World Assets with our Token Suite. From creation to issuance with extensive investor management tools to help you optimize your capital acquisition processes.

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Total Tokenized Value (TTL)

+$200M USD

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What can be Tokenized?

Real Estate Tokenization

Property Management, Property Flipping, Land Development, Hospitality, Construction, or any other vertical.

Startups Tokenization

Software-as-a-Service, E-commerce, Technology, Health, Web3, Marketplaces, Renewable Energy, or any other vertical.

Franchise Tokenization

Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms, Supermarkets, Shops, or any other franchise you can imagine can be tokenized.

Entertainment Tokenization

Movies, Gaming, Music, Books, Events, Theater,  Sports, Performance Art, Amusement Parks, or any other vertical.

Institutional Tokenization

Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Institutions, Family Offices, Banks, Insurance, or any other vertical.

Institutional Tokenization

Any asset that generates value can be tokenized. If you have any doubts our experts are happy to guide you.

Tokenization: Welcome Global Investors

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Food & Beverage Franchises

Make investor entry easier, aiding quick expansion for restaurants and cafes.

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Retail Stores

Streamline supply chain and ownership, easing management across multiple locations.

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Health & Fitness Centers

Simplify customer management, enhance operational efficiency, and attract investment for new gym locations.

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Education & Tutoring Services

Simplify center management, facilitate investment opportunities, and aid in the rapid scaling of educational services.

Go Worldwide

Share your investments with the world. Our platform removes borders, inviting people everywhere to join in and support your goals.

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Regulatory Compliance

Brickken's Token suite is designed to adhere to regulatory frameworks, by embedding compliance into the DNA of the tokenization process.

Real-TIme Asset Management

See live updates and make smart choices for your digital assets. Our tokenization gives you the tools for quick decision-making and keeps investors engaged.

Increase Liquidity

Turn illiquid assets into tradeable digital ones, available in markets open 24/7, 365 days a year, facilitate market entries and exits.

Simple Steps for Tokenization

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Create Account

Sign up and begin your journey to success.

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Create Digital Assets

Say goodbye to complex coding and technical barriers.

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Reach a global community of investors.

Unlocking Fundraising Potential

Expanded Capital Reach

Fractional ownership boosts investor participation, removing barriers, and attracts diverse investments, fostering inclusivity and diversity in fundraising.

Efficient Funding Processes

Tokenized fundraising streamlines processes, reduces intermediaries, and enhances investment efficiency through automation, boosting liquidity.

Engaged Investor Community

Tokenization enhances transparency, fosters ownership through real-time tracking, and engages investors to create a supportive community with strong relationships.

Global Investment Reach

Tokenization transcends geographical limitations. Investors from around the world can access your offerings, expanding your reach and diversifying your investor base.

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